Lin Ning, the World’s Top Marketing Person,
Initiates the Beijing Weying Technology Co. Ltd.: Internet + Film Platform



As the founder and CEO of Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd, Lin Ning, a successful entrepreneur in media and Internet, has more than 10 years of management experience in Internet media and marketing. In 2017, Lin Ning was selected as the top 50 in global marketing by Variety, an authoritative US film magazine, for its excellent marketing ideas and business management ability. At the same time, he is also the only Chinese in the field of global culture and entertainment.

Lin Ning founded Beijing Weying Technology Co. Ltd in 2014. The company is engaged in pan-entertainment marketing and distribution based on mobile social media such as films, performances and sports. It is the “connector” between the cultural entertainment industry and users in the mobile Internet era. Take advantage of Mobile Internet, Beijing Weying Technology Co. Ltd has built a complete entertainment industry chain from IP development, production, distribution, marketing, ticketing to derivatives sales.

The strong advantage of Internet platform and rich platform resource background enable Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd to integrate all links from production to publicity, accurately grasp the needs of users, introduce more popular films in the market, help the films find more suitable audiences, and successfully boost many dark horse films such as “Fast & Furious 7”, “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”, “London Has Fallen”, “Time Raiders”, “Born in China”, “Kung Fu Yoga” and “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”. Therefore, the company has become the preferred marketing and distribution platform for domestic and foreign films.

Under the leadership of founder Lin Ning, and relying on the resources of WeChat, Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd has rapidly emerged as one of the most important Internet ticketing platforms in China, as well as a social networking platform. In the movie ticketing and performance business fields, it has both entered the top three in the industry, which occupies more than 30% of the share of online ticketing in China.


In September 2017, MaoYan Movie and Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd officially announced their strategic cooperation to jointly form a new company, Maoyanweiying, to create a new layout for the movie ecology “Internet + Film Platform”. Lin Ning is served as the vice chairman. According to the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides, “Maoyanweiying” will merge the related businesses of the two sides with MaoYan Movies as the main body. MaoYan Movies will be injected into all businesses including movie and performance ticketing business, professional services in the industry, movie investment promotion, etc. The film ticketing, performance and related assets of Weying will be merged into “Maoyanweiying”. Weying will focus on film and television investment, production, distribution and sports, in parallel with maintaining strategic cooperation with “Maoyanweiying”.


Lin Ning, the CEO of Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd said that this merger is only the beginning and a perfect integration will be the next focus. The merged new company, with both Tencent and Meituan-Dianping’s import traffic and a top notch scaled user base, has become well-deserved China’s largest entertainment ticketing platform. The merger will enable the company to accelerate the provision of high-quality Internet services for upstream, downstream and industrial chains.

As a multinational enterprise in the industry chain of film and television culture, film is one of the indispensable ecology in the whole industry chain. The cooperation of “Maoyanweiying” has strongly promoted the Chinese film market and the new trend of pan-entertainment. It has deepened the comprehensive platform of “Internet + Film” and strengthened the capability of the whole chain of film and performance industries to provide more comprehensive support for film production companies, cinemas and other upstream and downstream sectors. “Maoyanweiying” will realize platform, service and strategic upgrade, accelerate product innovation and business expansion, and become a market leader brand trusted by users and partners.

The strategic cooperation between Weying Technology and MaoYan Movie has given full play to the advantages of Internet companies and has become the largest entertainment ticketing platform in China, making important contributions to the “Internet + Film Platform”. In addition, “Maoyanweiying” will build a bridge of communication for films worldwide, allowing “Internet + Film Platform” to stand on the world stage.